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Tee timeline
In the 1900s the U.S. military got their first ever white cotton T-shirts. Lighter and more comfortable than the wool they replaced, they were soon seen everywhere from college campuses to construction sites.

The white T-shirt wasn’t seen too often in Britain until a new, young crop of US method actors made it the epitome of cool in the ’50s and ’60s. James Dean may have been a Rebel Without a Cause, but he did have a perfectly cut white T-Shirt. So, too did Brando, McQueen and Newman and just about every cool actor and rock star with an attitude ever since. While the popularity of other wardrobe staples – a good pair of brogues, an Oxford button down – has waxed and waned, a white T has never gone out of fashion. That’s because no other garment is as versatile. Under a designer blazer, a leather jacket, or with a pair of shorts, a white T always looks good.

It is, however, also the garment that carries the highest risk to wear. ‘Fear of
wearing white’ is a thing. Keeping your white T white used to be difficult. But not

At Chiltern, we have two goals

The Chiltern white T-shirt is delivered to our customers every three months, allowing you to wear your white T-shirt much more often, with a reduced fear of staining it. And they are well designed because we’ve gone through many iterations to find the perfect white T-shirt. It’s crafted from 200gsm fabric for durability — and it feels durable too. We’ve also hidden details like collar seems to make the look as clean as possible.


Sustainability and heritage
Having a new white T-shirt to wear every three months doesn’t have to mean a compromise on sustainability. We’ve streamlined the way that our customers return their previous T-shirts to us in order for us to effectively donate them to charities where they are much needed.*


We still believe that the quality of British craftsmanship is second to none. This is why our T-shirts are proudly made in England. Yes, this does mean that there’s a higher cost associated with manufacturing, but it means we can work closer with our chosen supplier, ensuring that the quality doesn’t slip. As many clothing brands turned to overseas manufacturing, the UK’s textile trade went into decline. But the skills are still here. Working with our UK factories means therefore that we’re helping to sustain a trade that’s been here since the industrial revolution. Each T-shirt we produce is therefore both a nod to that British heritage and an investment in its future.

*Just pop the old shirt in the box the new one arrived in, and put it in any post box. Returns are just as easy should you be unhappy with your purchase for any reason. Simply return your shirt unworn and with tags within 28-days.